My story “A Native Lynching” is now live on The Blue Nib literary journal.

The day after my mother, Mary Lou Simms, died (July 19th, 2020) my second short story “A Native Lynching” was published by The Blue Nib, an international English-language literary journal serving Ireland (where I was born!) and the UK, Canada and the USA, and Australia and New Zealand. “A Native Lynching” is the true story of the murder of a Nez Perce tribal member that took place in 1956 in Orofino, Idaho. My first story “Heroin, My Only Friend” was published two days before my father, David Michael Simms, died on April 18th, 2020. To add even more beautiful meaning to this already mesmerizing synchronicity “A Native Lynching” is published under the ‘Seanchai’ section of The Blue Nib. Seanchai (pronounced shan-a-key) means skilled storyteller in Gaelic. Also, my birth name is Sean! And I love chai!

Click on the blog post below (Home Of Esoteric Journeys To The Soul) to see my other published short stories, award winning short films and paintings!

Author: Eros Salvatore

I'm a writer and filmmaker dedicated to living life in harmony with the Earth.

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