Tribute To Desiree Anzalone

My friend Desiree Anzalone, great-granddaughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, died last Sunday, September 27th after a six year battle with breast cancer. She was only thirty-one years old. I met her in 2007 when she was just seventeen years old and attending summer school in Ashland, Oregon. She was a part of a group of filmmaking friends we had and I encouraged her to explore her creativity and made this music video of one of the songs she had written. It was the first video I ever made, and despite it’s poor audio and Standard Definition video (this was before HD was readily available!), it shows the beauty of her spirit. We lost touch after she left Ashland and I hadn’t talked to her in many years. Then I found out she had died a couple of days ago on September, 27th, 2020. I plan on writing a short story about my experience with her and our friends that summer. May your spirit live forever Dez, in the lives of the people you have touched.

Purpose, plus previous films and paintings.

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Most of my writings are tragedies, romances or faerie tale-like adventures. I am currently working on a novel entitled Psyche’s Dream – the story of a homeless teenage girl who discovers a world of magic after a suicide attempt.   

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These are two films I made that are taken from early versions of the novel. They both showed in festivals in 2011.

“MoonSky” 2017: