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The womb creates!

This website contains links to my published writings and updates on current projects.

My first published short story “Heroin, My Only Friend” was published on April 17th, 2020 in Anti-Heroin Chic .            

You can read it here:  Heroin, My Only Friend        

Or you can listen it on their Soundcloud page: 

Most of my writings are tragedies, romances or faerie tale-like adventures. I am currently working on a novel entitled Psyche’s Dream – the story of a homeless teenage girl who discovers a world of magic after a suicide attempt.          

Please sign up to follow my blog. You’ll receive updates every time one of my stories is published online by a literary magazine, as well as opportunities to review and comment on early versions of my stories and novels for those of you who are interested in becoming beta readers. (Beta readers are those who get later drafts of writings for a test read before they get sent to agents or publishers.)

These are two films I made that are taken from early versions of the novel. They both showed in festivals in 2011.


“MoonSky” 2017: 

Author: Eros Salvatore

I'm a writer and filmmaker dedicated to living life in harmony with the Earth.

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